Our mission

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Our Ethos

Omnia was created following our experiences looking after dying, sick and vulnerable people alongside our sister company, the San Damiano Corporation www.sdcare.co.uk. One common theme in their life was pain, both acute and chronic, that made everyday activities much more difficult and caused them a lot of suffering. We decided to help those in pain in whatever shape or form it manifested itself by creating a center that offers a wide range of pain relief therapies that could be tailored to our clients’ needs

Reflecting life


Inspired by the compassionate figure of St Francis, Omnia was created with the values of love, humility, peace, joy, respect and service at its core. The word Omnia itself is Latin for “all together”, reflecting our belief that we should all contribute to helping one another in the pursuit of a better world.We aspire to operate an ethical business model which puts humility and compassion towards others above all else. No one deserves to suffer in pain. We believe that everyone has a right to achieve their full potential and to be treated with dignity and respect. To this end, our cause is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all of our clients.