Treatment of all types of pain

At Omnia, we recognise that pain is a complex and multifaceted experience that can be classified into two distinct types: acute and chronic pain. Each type demands a tailored and specialised approach for effective management and relief. Understanding the nuances between these pain categories is paramount to our commitment to providing comprehensive pain relief treatments. Through our array of holistic therapies, we have witnessed their proven efficacy in alleviating pain and enhancing overall well-being.

Acute and Chronic Pain Treatment at Omnia London


At Omnia, we believe in fostering hope and improvement in the lives of those with any type of pain. Whether you’re seeking to manage acute pain from a variety of causes or chronic pain that may or may not be easy to diagnose, our holistic therapies are here to support you.

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How can our treatments help you?


Our skilled practitioners use precise acupuncture techniques to stimulate specific points in your body, promoting natural pain relief and balance.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy works by reducing muscle tension, improving mobility, modulating pain perception, and rebalancing the body, employs hands-on techniques such as massage and joint mobilisation to offer pain relief for both acute and chronic conditions.


Utilising advanced light therapy, we can accelerate tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and promote healing for acute and chronic pain.


Experience the power of Abhyanga, Herbal Bundle massage (Pinda Sweda), Udvarthana, and tailored treatments designed to target the underlying causes of discomfort and disharmony. These methodologies alleviate muscle stiffness, subsequently diminishing inflammation. Additionally, incorporating yoga into your routine can serve as a reliable and beneficial strategy for managing both chronic and acute pain.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi, a gentle form of exercise, effectively manages chronic pain through slow, deliberate movements and deep breathing. It enhances flexibility, strength, and balance, reducing stress and promoting mental and physical harmony, thus diminishing pain perception and improving overall well-being.

Compression Therapy

This technique applies controlled mechanical pressure to targeted areas, improving blood flow, and reducing pain and inflammation.

About acute and chronic pain conditions we treat:

Acute Pain:

Acute pain exhibits a sudden and immediate onset, typically lasting for a short period of time. It is often a response to injury, trauma, surgical procedures, or specific medical conditions, acting as a crucial protective mechanism that signals potential harm to the body. Though acute pain generally subsides once the underlying issue is addressed, its intensity during its course can be distressing. Our team of skilled therapists is adept at identifying and providing targeted treatments to address acute pain effectively, helping you find relief and comfort during this challenging phase.

Chronic Pain:
On the other end of the pain spectrum lies chronic pain, a persistent and recurring discomfort that extends beyond the usual healing period of an injury or condition, lasting for more than three to six months. Unlike acute pain, chronic pain may not always have an apparent cause, making it a more intricate challenge to manage. The impact of chronic pain goes beyond physical discomfort, as it can significantly affect an individual’s emotional well-being and overall quality of life. At our centre, we understand the profound impact of chronic pain and strive to provide compassionate care and innovative therapies to alleviate this enduring burden, promoting improved overall well-being and long-term relief.

Our holistic pain relief approach…

By incorporating ancient healing practices like Ayurveda, Yoga, Acupuncture and cutting-edge technologies like Photobiomodulation, Compression Therapy and Pixformance, we aim to bring together the best of traditional and modern healing for acute and chronic pain treatment. Our experienced therapists work collaboratively to tailor solutions that suit your specific needs, restoring balance and vitality to your life. With our commitment to excellence, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey towards optimal pain relief and enhanced vitality at Omnia Lifestyle.

“Dr Matina helped me get back into training after a long period of injury recovery, with regular sessions with the NovoThor. Very thankful be back to consistent training. Thanks Omnia!”

Christian M - December 2023

“Mindblowing experience! I was recommended here by my friend Christian to try some recovery infra red light machine and after 20 minutes of use I felt like I had been away for an ENTIRE weekend!!!”

Patrick R – May 2019


At Omnia, we believe in a holistic approach to managing acute and chronic pain conditions. Our experienced practitioners are skilled in combining these diverse techniques to develop a personalised acute and chronic pain treatment plan that suits your needs. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards symptom relief and overall well-being.

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