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Pro Missioni Lavender Oil

About Pro Missioni Lavender Oil

Omnia Lifestyle markets and distributes a lavender essence which is a 100% pure, natural and organic product originating from Italy that is distilled from fresh lavender flowers. From 100 kilograms of flowers, about 2 kilograms of essence is extracted. Used as an aromatic oil for a variety of purposes including as a fragrance, beauty product for skin rejuvenation and relaxation aid. All proceeds from the sale of this oil are dedicated to support the humanitarian work of the Carmelite missionaries in the Central African Republic.

Lavender Oil Uses

If you spread the aromatic oil on your forehead will evoke calming, refreshing and relaxing feelings. Just a few drops of this essential lavender oil in your bath will have a toning and calming effect; it keeps the skin tender and brings on a feeling of relaxation.

It is often used in cases of oily and dirty complexion because it has cleaning and constructive characteristics. It is also possible to be used in foot care in the case of hard and cornified skin or with tired feet: a few drops in the sink with warm water is the best medicine.

In air fresheners and in heating tanks it will make the whole apartment or house smell nice as well as clean the air. It also makes the clothing in drawers smell nice and according to old folk traditions, lavender has the ability to repel moths and mosquitoes.

All proceeds are dedicated to the missions of Discalced Carmelites Fathers in the Central African Republic.