Anjy Chahal – Osteopath, Joins Omnia Lifestyle

Anjy graduated from the London School of Osteopathy (LSO) in 2016. During her 5 years of training there, Anjy worked in the LSO Clinic for the entire duration which provided her with a great deal of practical experience and enabled her to become a confident and enthusiastic practitioner. She worked with a varied client base including expectant mothers, children and elderly patients.

Her areas of expertise are in cranial osteopathy for which she has received positive reviews from her clients for her therapeutic knowledge and abilities. Anjy is also an ardent believer of a holistic approach to pain management involving exercise and lifestyle. Her special areas of interest are in the elderly and headaches which were also the subject of her dissertation.

Anjy is fully trained in both compression therapy and photobiomodulation treatments offered by Omnia Lifestyle Limited and has been instrumental in developing the treatment protocols to administer these innovative therapies both in the centre as well as in the community.

She is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and is a professional member of the Institute of Osteopathy.

Photobiomodulation (PBM)

Photobiomodulation (PBM) is a form of cutting-edge light therapy that helps to reduce pain, treat injuries, relax muscles/joints and increase blood circulation.

Studied in over 500 human trials and 4000 lab studies, PBM has been proven to help
provide pain relief and recovery in a wide range of cases. This treatment can help to address both acute and chronic pain, including neuropathic pain, post-surgical pain, post-exercise recovery, autoimmune diseases and degenerative diseases.
This treatment can be administered either using our state-of-the-art whole-body light pods or using specific treatment probes, depending on the source of your pain.