How an Ayurvedic Diet Can Change Your Life

If you’re looking to start focusing on your well-being by boosting your health and managing (or preventing) illness, then an Ayurvedic doctor in Surrey may be just what you’re searching for, and can be easily found here at Omnia Lifestyle.

Originating in India, Ayurveda is a holistic approach to health and wellness that has been practiced for over 5,000 years. Ayurveda states that the world is made up of five different elements (space, air, earth, water, fire) and that each person is made up of three: vata, pitta, and kapha (air, fire, and earth respectively). What proportion we are of each of these elements (or doshas) determines our unique constitution, which in turns dictates our individual needs. Ignoring these needs causes us imbalance and can negatively affect us in a number of ways, including illness.

An Ayurvedic diet seeks to combat the above imbalance and restore harmony to the body and mind though a range of activities including managing nutrition, taking herbal supplements, exercising, and receiving massage therapy. Ayurvedic massage therapy that is suitable is decided upon a consultation to assess the body constitution and health condition of the individual. It works not only on the nervous and muscular system but also on the subtle energy levels (Prana). As a result, helps in a holistic healing of pain, fatigue and the inflammation of the tissues. Ayurvedic herbal oils rejuvenate the body and the mind also.

Overall, Ayurveda seeks to find the root cause of any negative symptoms you are experiencing and treat it directly, rather than simply masking symptoms in a dissatisfying and superficial way. Those following Ayurveda over the years have found life-changing results in areas from sleep problems to chronic pain. Ayurveda has also be proven to help mental health, with patients who experience an Ayurvedic treatment showing a reduction in anxiety levels.

Of course, following an Ayurvedic diet can be both daunting and challenging to start unsupported – it can be difficult to determine your own doshas and constitution, and harder still to create exercise and nutrition plans that will properly re-balance you, which is why those who follow an Ayurvedic diet usually consult experts before they begin.

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