Treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee

Discover effective knee osteoarthritis treatment at our London Pain Relief Centre. Our therapies, including Ayurveda, Acupuncture, and Photobiomodulation, reduce pain, improve joint function, and promote natural healing. Our dedicated team of therapists at Omnia is committed to providing effective and holistic solutions for knee osteoarthritis.

Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment at Omnia in Chiswick

Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment at Omnia in London

We understand the challenges posed by knee osteoarthritis, a prevalent condition that arises when the protective cartilage in the knee joint gradually diminishes over time. As a result, individuals may experience persistent pain, inflammation, and a decline in mobility, significantly affecting their daily activities and overall well-being.

Our dedicated team of therapists at Omnia is committed to providing effective and holistic solutions for knee osteoarthritis. Through a comprehensive approach, we combine time-honoured wisdom with cutting-edge technology to alleviate pain and discomfort.

How can our treatments help you?


Our skilled acupuncturists use delicate needles to activate precise points along the body’s energy pathways. Through the technique, they stimulate the flow of vital energy, fostering pain relief and minimising discomfort. Our track record speaks volumes, as we’ve successfully treated patients with Acupuncture for knee osteoarthritis, achieving remarkable results.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi significantly aids in managing knee osteoarthritis by enhancing flexibility, strengthening the muscles around the joints, and reducing pain. Its slow, deliberate movements promote balance and proprioception, alleviating stress on the knees and improving overall joint function and mobility.


This advanced therapy involves the application of low-level laser or LED light to affected areas. Photobiomodulation is known to promote tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and ease pain, aiding in the management of knee osteoarthritis.

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy mainly myofascial release, helps in reducing muscle tension, improving mobility, modulating pain perception, increasing blood circulation and easing the pressure on the joints, thereby offering pain relief for both acute and chronic conditions.


Drawing from the ancient healing tradition of Ayurveda, our therapists employ herbal formulations and therapeutic treatments to address the root cause of knee osteoarthritis. Ayurveda treatments like Janu Vasti aim to reduce inflammation, wear and tear, support joint health, and encourage the body’s innate healing abilities.


Gentle and targeted yoga poses can play a crucial role in managing knee osteoarthritis. By gently engaging the affected areas, Yoga can alleviate pain, increase circulation, and support overall joint health. With personalised sessions, we ensure that your Yoga practice is tailored to your unique needs, making it an essential component of your knee osteoarthritis management plan.

“Patrick is excellent at massaging and taping my injury to reduce the pain and swelling in my knee. I recommend his treatments to anyone in pain!

Susan L – October 2023

Treatment packages helped with aches and pain. Helpful therapists and team! Highly recommend!”

Fahad K – September 2023


At Omnia, we believe in a holistic approach to help treat knee osteoarthritis. Our experienced practitioners are skilled in combining these diverse techniques to develop a personalised treatment plan that suits your needs. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards lifestyle changes and overall well-being.

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