Larry Fitzgerald – Mixing Vision Therapy and On-Field Success

Larry Fitzgerald is one of the greatest wide receivers to play in the NFL. In his 15-year career he covered 15,545 yards, 1,234 receptions, 110 touchdowns, and 801 first-downs. He has dropped fewer than 27 passes out of the 1,234 catches in his career with multiple seasons where he dropped 0 passes.

Fitzgerald had difficulties paying attention in school, completing homework, reading and learning. His grandfather, who was a developmental optometrist, noticed this so tested and began treating Fitzgerald for a vision impairment from an early age.

After starting Vision Therapy, Fitzgerald began to excel not only in his abilities on the field but also in his academic ability. He earned himself a full-ride scholarship to play at the University of Pittsburgh.

After 2 years of playing for Pittsburgh he was drafted third overall in the 2004 NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals. He also earned a spot at the top and solidified his place as a first-ballot Hall of Fame player.

When Larry was asked about the key to his success he spoke about there being a definite connection between the Vision Therapy he undertook as a child and his performance on the field. He also said that a variety of the drills in the NFL training camp reminded him of the things he did in his Vision Therapy that would aid in developing his reaction time, hand-eye coordination, and visualisation skills.

Many other sporting institutes have taken onboard Vision Therapy and its benefits. The Toronto Raptors, Pittsburgh Steelers, St Louis Cardinals, Denver Nuggets, and even the Air Force Special Forces have integrated Vision Therapy-related machines into their training to complement the training that is already completed and further improve on their performance.

american football legend larry fitzgerald claims his ability is due to early exposure to eye tracking technology
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