Omnia @ Harley Street

Omnia offers a blueprint for its clients to achieve “meaningful healing.” This can be viewed as a journey that takes clients from diagnostics to the restoration of functionality and ultimately, the achievement of harmony of mind and body to freely enjoy life.

The journey is centered around healing, lifestyle advice, and health screenings involving three overlapping approaches:

Our Consultants

Dr Palitha Serasinghe

Dr Palitha Serasinghe holds a First-Class Honours degree in Ayurvedic Medicine awarded by the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka as well as a PhD in Medicine and Pharmacology from Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University in Japan. This unique combination of study and training has enabled him to bridge the elusive divide between traditional and modern medicine. He is eminently placed to offer consultation and advice on the comprehensive and holistic range of treatment options we offer with an emphasis on a long-term perspective on managing pain encompassing nutrition, diet, lifestyle, and exercise in addition to specific pain relief treatments and biopurifications.

Professor (Dr) Diwakar Sukul

Professor (Dr) Diwakar Sukul is a Clinical Psychologist who believes in an evidence-based, holistic approach to psychology that focuses heavily on the mind body connection. He employs best practices of the Western and Eastern traditions of mind body healing. His sessions involve an in-depth assessment of the causative factors of patients’ emotional problems to offer them solutions-oriented remedies. His techniques include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Mind-Body Harmonics (MBH). He is a strong proponent of self-empowerment and educates patients on several proven techniques they can use to heal themselves.

Professor (Dr) Youzhong Wu

Professor (Dr) Youzhong Wu graduated in medicine at the Nanjing Medical University in 1992. He went on to obtain an MSc in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the prestigious Shanghai University of TCM. Professor Wu is also a teacher and practitioner of Tai Chi and Qiqong. With his exceptional qualifications, training, and experience over a span of 25 years, he is one of the foremost experts in the UK in the field of TCM and Acupuncture. He employs a unique, individualized approach using both western clinical medicine as well as Tai Chi and Qigong to treat complicated health conditions. He frequently conducts lectures in TCM and Acupuncture to GPs and contributes regularly to medical journals.

Mind-Body Harmonics

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MCBT) is an approach to psychotherapy that uses cognitive behavioral therapy methods together with mindfulness techniques such as meditation. Originally created to be a relapse-prevention treatment for individuals with major depressive disorder, it is an integrative, mind-body based approach that helps people to manage their thoughts and feelings and mental health. It has been recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a preventative practice for people with recurrent depression and can be used as a non-pharmacological alternative therapy to the management of chronic pain.

Shirodhara (dripping of oil on the third eye area of the forehead) is an Ayurvedic treatment used for balancing the body and the mind. The gentle pressure and soothing warmth of the oil allow the body, mind and nervous system to experience a deep state of rest akin to meditation. This is known to improve the functions of the frontal lobe of the brain (that has role in higher cognitive functions), amygdala, hypothalamus, and the pineal gland, working on the neuro-humoral pathway to relieve stress and create a salubrious state of mind. It is beneficial for many conditions including treating anxiety and stress due to chronic pain especially those caused by autoimmune conditions.

Conditions Treated by MCBT & Shirodhara

Stroke and Paralysis RehabilitationStressAnger Management
Psychosomatic DisordersDepressionInsomnia
Chronic Neurological ConditionsRecurring HeadachesChronic Pain Management
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)Anxiety

Introducing VedaPulse and Shiro Bliss

VedaPulse® is a health screening device that uses the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) method recommended by the European Society for Cardiology (ESC) and the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) – formerly known as the North American Society for Pacing and Electrophysiology (NASPE) to conduct pulse analysis for an assessment of the functional state of the health of the body, evaluate stress levels and provide recommendations for diet & nutrition and lifestyle.

ShiroBliss™ is an automated Shirodhara- administering system that simplifies the process by regulating the variables that are inherent in the application of the oil such as flow and temperature and allows the client to experience this soothing therapy without distraction or interruption. It is safe with a feather-quiet operation.