PNOÉ is the most comprehensive and insightful health assessment available to the general public. In only 10 minutes cardiac, pulmonary, and metabolic health can be revealed. Following the assessment, information on a nutrition and exercise plan can be generated, specific to you and your health results.

PNOÉ can serve a variety of populations, from an individual who wants to increase their fitness and weight loss, to endurance-sport athletes, professional and varsity teams, and physical therapists and chiropractors.

How PNOÉ can help you

Measure Energy Expenditure – through measuring your true fuel consumption you can maximise your nutrition and exercise intensity for every training session and competition.

Determine Training Zones – discover optimal training zones based on the weather conditions, landscapes, and sport.

Access Muscle Fatigue – assessing your muscle fatigue will allow you to measure muscle exhaustion which will help to minimise risk of injury or re-injury.

Connect with your coach anywhere around the world to keep an updated profile on training duration and intensity.

Sync with your smart watch – measure your metabolic profile during exercise and rest periods, as well as measuring your 24-hour calorific expenditure.

If you wish to get fast and effective results which target your specific areas of weakness, contact us on 01483 616 390 or visit our centre at Allen House, Chertsey Street, Guildford, GU1 4HL to book your PNOÉ test today.