PNOE is a cardio-metabolic analysis device that measures your gas exchange of oxygen consumed vs carbon dioxide exhaled. In doing so, this device enables us to provide a comprehensive and insightful health assessment that takes into account your caloric output, fuel use ratios and aerobic fitness.

Additionally, PNOE can also help athletes examine whether they’re overtraining and need to slow down in order to prevent muscle exhaustion and help to avoid injury. It can also be used to conduct stress tests in order to see whether certain substances are causing a negative impact on your metabolic rate after consumption (such as coffee).

Following our comprehensive assessment, we’ll be able to create an accurate nutrition and workout plan that is tailored to suit you. Without testing your cardio-metabolic fitness, any training or nutritional programs you decide to take part in are effectively just guesswork. Get results faster and with more efficiency by targeting your specific areas of weakness with a PNOE test.