Sports Vision EyeQ

Nearly 80 % of perceptual input in sport is visual.

Even if you have been informed that you have 20/20 vision, your eyes may still not be performing at their peak. In daily life objects don’t just sit still, and they especially don’t in sport. They move fast, regularly. When going for a routine eye exam, you may be told you can see clearly. However, these exams cannot test how well you can ascertain where a ball is in space, if it is changing direction, and how fast it is travelling. Important information that could affect the outcome of your competition.

This is why Sports Vision EyeQ offers testing tailored to athletes. Using state-of-the-art eye tracking technology, specific vision skills that affect reflexes and hand-eye co-ordination can be measured. These include:

  • Eye movement speed
  • Processing speed
  • Dynamic visual focus
  • Smooth visual pursuit
  • Simple reaction time
  • Choice reaction time
  • Binocular vision skills
  • Visual concentration
  • Contrast sensitivity

RightEye Sports Vision EyeQ measures and analyses your eye movement, brain processing, and reaction time compared to peers, amateurs, and professional athletes. When the report identifies areas for improvement, our therapists will devise a unique plan for you, developed from an online library of over 150 training drills. Within just a few weeks, you could be improving your game!

“We are using RightEye in our research at Duke University to study visual expertise in high-level athletes. By combining RightEye’s quantitative metrics with game statistics from professional athletes, our research team at Duke University is able to gain a better sense of the visual capabilities that underlie athletic expertise,” – Greg Appelbaum, Ph.D., Associate Professor for the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University School of Medicine.

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