Compression Therapy – Body Ballancer®

The Body Ballancer® is a versatile, relaxing and invigorating form of compression therapy that promotes a healthy lymphatic system through the use of massage.

As your lymphatic system helps with the elimination of naturally occurring waste, toxins and fats, stimulation of this system can help to promote weight loss and improve the effectiveness of exercise programmes. This treatment can even help with body contouring due to its ability to speed up the removal of excess fluid in the body.

The Body Ballancer® produces excellent results in combating cellulite and loss of skin tone by boosting oxygen supply to the skin and aiding in the removal of dead fat cells. Due to this, it can be beneficial following liposculpture procedures as it can help to improve the effectiveness of the procedure and reduce swelling and bruising.

The gentle rhythmic action of the Body Ballancer® also promotes deep relaxation, helping to alleviate the symptoms of stress and improve sleep quality. In doing so, this treatment is able to eliminate free radicals that are a by-product of the body’s stress-fighting hormones and that have been recognised as a factor in premature aging.

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