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Our Cause

We aspire to operate an ethical business model which puts humility and compassion to our fellow men above all else. We recognise that all men are created equal with a right to be treated with dignity and respect. To this end, our cause is dedicated to improving the human condition and quality of life so that all of mankind can appreciate the unfolding beauty and joy of Creation.

An ethical business model is based on the following principles:

-It adheres to a set of moral values that is inspired by a belief in God and His teachings.

-Its sets its business objectives to generate profit for serving all of mankind especially the less fortunate as opposed to the maximisation of individual shareholder wealth.

-It provides goods or services that satisfy the needs as opposed to wants of mankind.

-It takes responsibility for treating all God’s creation with humility, dignity and respect.

-It promotes humanitarian causes as much as possible in all its activities.

We are neither a charity nor a foundation as we believe that true entrepreneurial activity can be directed to serve a higher mission than traditional business aims. One cause that we have dedicated is to provide both moral and financial support to a Carmelite Community involved in missionary work in the Central African Republic (CAR).  Although the country has abundant natural resources such as diamonds and uranium, it remains among the 5 poorest countries in the world (Business Insider UK).

Father Anastasio Rogerro with the Community.

… This country where people live in a continual emergency and everyone is preoccupied with saving him or herself. The poverty of the country weighs upon me not a little. This year I am experiencing an unusual fact different from previous years. In the morning they are already there: children who have various illnesses, mothers with their children who wait seated in the garden from morning to evening. I am insistently asked for help also through the phone that I have to disconnect because of the continual ringing of the sick people who turn to me as their only lifeline. This causes me suffering because I am obviously unable to satisfy these people who are in true need and they themselves becoming discouraged when they turn to me.

The situation in the country has not improved at all, but there are countries which are worse off. Our work continues despite all with such faith in the Lord’s help.

From the Diary of Father Anastasio Roggero, Procurator of CAR Missions


Omnia Lifestyle markets and distributes a lavender essence which is a 100% pure, natural and organic product originating from Italy that is distilled from fresh lavender flowers. From 100 kilograms of flowers, about 2 kilograms of essence is extracted. Used as an aromatic oil for a variety of purposes including as a fragrance, beauty product for skin rejuvenation and relaxation aid. All proceeds from the sale of this oil are dedicated to support the humanitarian work of the Carmelite missionaries in the Central African Republic.

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