Treatment of symptoms associated with PMS

Discover specialised therapies for managing premenstrual syndrome (PMS) including Ayurvedic remedies, Yoga, Acupuncture, and Body Compression Therapy. Find effective pain relief, hormonal balance, and support for your body’s natural healing. Learn how to alleviate PMS symptoms and enhance your well-being. At Omnia Therapies we understand the complexities of PMS, and our holistic approach aims to address its multifaceted nature.

Premenstrual Symptom (PMS) Treatment at Omnia London


Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a common condition that can significantly impact a woman’s physical and emotional well-being in the days leading up to her menstrual period. Premenstrual syndrome can cast a shadow over life’s joys, affecting mood, energy, and overall vitality during certain phases of the menstrual cycle. We understand the complexities of PMS, and our holistic approach aims to address its multifaceted nature.

How can our treatments help you?


Acupuncture, with its ancient roots in Chinese medicine, offers personalised premenstrual syndrome (PMS) treatment by targeting your body’s specific needs. It helps regulate hormones to ease mood swings and emotional discomfort, reduces physical symptoms like cramps and bloating, and promotes relaxation to combat stress and anxiety. This tailored approach not only addresses the physical aspects of PMS but also enhances overall well-being.


Drawing from the ancient healing tradition of Ayurveda, our therapists employ herbal formulations and therapeutic treatments like Abhyanga massage, to address the root cause of PMS. Your tailored regimen includes specific dietary suggestions to soothe digestion and uplift your mood, alongside carefully chosen herbs to balance hormones and ease discomfort. By integrating meditation and gentle exercises into your daily routine, we aim to nurture your mental and emotional well-being, ensuring a holistic path to health and harmony.


Our yoga practices are meticulously curated to combat PMS, providing a sanctuary for both body and mind. Gentle poses like Bhujangasana, not only alleviate cramps and muscle tension but also enhance pelvic circulation, supporting overall reproductive health. Breath control and meditation techniques, integral to our sessions, uplift your mood, reduce stress, and promote emotional stability, while also improving sleep quality and energy levels. By engaging in specific yoga sequences, we aim to regulate hormonal imbalances, directly addressing the root causes of PMS.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi can provide relief for PMS through its gentle, flowing movements and focus on relaxation. Regular practice of Tai Chi has been shown to reduce stress levels, alleviate muscle tension, and promote a sense of calmness and well-being. Tai Chi’s deep breathing techniques can help regulate hormone levels and improve mood, reducing symptoms such as irritability and anxiety commonly associated with PMS. Furthermore, the low-impact nature of Tai Chi makes it suitable for individuals experiencing discomfort or fatigue during their menstrual cycle, allowing for gentle movement and exercise without exacerbating symptoms.

Compression Therapy

Our specialized garments are designed to ease bloating and water retention, significantly reducing common PMS discomforts. By focusing on targeted compression, we aim to soothe abdominal and lower back pain, offering a reprieve from the physical strains of PMS. Furthermore, this therapy boosts circulation, helping to minimize cramps and promote a sense of well-being.

“I had many body therapies all around the world, but so far this is the best treatment I had and the best value for the money. The team is very professional, experienced and the customer service is 10/10. I feel much better after my treatment and my issues are almost gone now.”

Izabel V – October 2023


At Omnia, we believe in a holistic approach to help with the symptoms of PMS. Our experienced practitioners are skilled in combining these diverse techniques to develop a personalised treatment plan that suits your needs. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards lifestyle changes and overall well-being.

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