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3D Body Scanning

STYKU is a cutting-edge 3D body scanning technology and software system tailored for the fitness industry. It offers precise body measurements and composition analysis using depth-sensing cameras and proprietary software to generate a detailed 3D model. This cutting-edge 3D scanner allows us to provide you with an accurate body analysis, track your progress for fitness, and predict body composition, giving you a complete body assessment to attain your performance and weight loss goals.

From £40

STYKU 3D Body Scanning London


At Omnia, we extract accurate measurements for shape, body composition, and other insights relevant to you. In just 35 seconds, we extract millions of measurements with 2mm accuracy and reconstruct your body in 3D. Whatever your goals, this cutting-edge scanner is highly valuable to attaining your performance and weight loss goals.

STYKU is not just about weight loss; it is about holistic health and fitness. Monitor changes in body composition during recovery post-injury or surgery, facilitating effective rehabilitation. Track muscle mass and other parameters vital for a successful rehabilitation journey.


Screening Duration Price
STYKU  30 Minutes £40

Features and benefits of STYKU

Accurate Body Composition Analysis
STYKU utilises state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology to deliver precise body composition analysis. From body fat percentage to muscle mass and circumferences, our assessments provide detailed insights into your physical health and fitness levels.

Progress Tracking
Visualise changes in body composition over time, empowering you to monitor your journey towards your weight loss and fitness goals with clarity and confidence.

Health Risk Profiles
STYKU assessments extend beyond weight loss to include health risk profiles. Identify potential areas of concern and proactively address them to optimise your overall health and well-being.

STYKU plays a crucial role in rehabilitation by monitoring changes in body composition during recovery. Whether post-injury or post-surgery, our assessments track muscle mass and other parameters vital for effective rehabilitation.

Complete Body Assessment
From head to toe, STYKU conducts a comprehensive body assessment, leaving no aspect of body composition overlooked. Gain a holistic understanding of your physique to tailor your fitness and health strategies accordingly.

Exceptional Reliability
STYKU is renowned for its exceptional reliability and accuracy. Backed by advanced technology, our assessments consistently deliver precise measurements, ensuring trustworthiness in the data obtained.

Omnia Performance Therapy

At a Glance

Accurate Body Composition Analysis

Progress Tracking

Health Risk Profiles


Complete Body Assessment

Exceptional Reliability


Screening & Consultation 30 minutes

Preparation Time

10 minutes

The power of precision with STYKU

Your ultimate body measurement solution

At the intersection of technology and health, STYKU emerges as a game-changer in the world of fitness. This revolutionary 3D body scanner gives you the power to visualise and measure your body with unmatched precision.

STYKU measures body fat percentage, lean body mass, waist-hip ratio, and many more. The results are much more detailed and accurate than what you would get with simple scales or callipers.

The STYKU app allows you to visualise your body’s transformation over time. You can easily compare your past and present body shape, giving you a tangible sense of your progress.

By delivering precise, in-depth body data, STYKU facilitates the creation of fitness and diet plans tailored to your unique needs. This personalised strategy boosts the efficiency of your journey towards your fitness or weight loss goals.



Can I track changes in my body composition over time with STYKU?2023-09-07T14:38:34+00:00

Yes. STYKU is designed for tracking periodic changes in body composition. By comparing scans taken at different times, you can visualise changes in body fat, muscle mass, and other parameters.

Can STYKU be used for fitness progress tracking?2023-09-07T14:39:03+00:00

Absolutely. STYKU is commonly used for tracking fitness progress. Athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and personal trainers often use it to monitor the effectiveness of training and nutrition programs.

How often should I get scanned with STYKU?2024-02-22T14:42:09+00:00

The frequency of scans may vary according to individual goals and preferences. However, if you undergo scanning every few weeks or months, you will receive a clear picture of how your body composition changes over time.

Why should I use STYKU for body measurements?2023-09-07T14:36:30+00:00

STYKU provides a highly accurate and consistent way to track changes in body composition over time. It offers a comprehensive set of measurements that go beyond traditional methods like scales and callipers.

Is the scanning process safe and non-invasive?2023-09-07T14:37:04+00:00

Yes, the STYKU scanning process is non-invasive and safe. It uses light-based technology to capture images and does not involve any harmful radiation or cause any discomfort.

How long does a typical STYKU scan take?2023-09-07T14:37:36+00:00

A STYKU scan typically takes just a few seconds to complete. The user stands in a designated area while the 3D cameras capture the necessary images.

Can I see my STYKU body scan results immediately?2023-09-07T14:38:05+00:00

Yes, once the scan is completed, the STYKU software processes the data and generates a detailed report with body measurements. You can view these results almost immediately after the scan.


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