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VedaPulse® introduces a ground-breaking approach to holistic wellness, centred around Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis and stress assessment. By tapping into the intricate patterns of heart rhythm, VedaPulse® offers invaluable insights into overall health, particularly stress levels, enabling proactive management strategies for optimal well-being. Experience a new frontier in health monitoring that merges scientific precision with holistic understanding, guiding individuals towards balance, vitality, and greater harmony in life.

VedaPulse Professional Health Screening London


VedaPulse® utilises the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis method, endorsed by esteemed organisations such as the European Society of Cardiology and the North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology (1996). This method forms the foundation for the algorithms powering the VedaPulse® system, ensuring its reliability and effectiveness in analysing heart rhythm.


Screening Duration Price
VedaPulse  30 Minutes £40

How VedaPulse works

Heart Rate Variability
VedaPulse measures the variations in time intervals between heartbeats, known as Heart Rate Variability (HRV), to assess the autonomic nervous system’s balance.

Pulse Analysis
Through pulse analysis, VedaPulse evaluates the quality and characteristics of the pulse wave, uncovering vital information about cardiovascular health, circulation, and energy balance within the body.

Stress Analysis
VedaPulse utilises advanced algorithms to analyse stress levels by examining various physiological parameters, helping individuals understand their stress responses and guiding them towards effective stress management strategies.

Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations: Based on the pulse analysis, VedaPulse offers personalised recommendations for diet and lifestyle modifications.

Preventive Health Management: By combining data from HRV, pulse analysis, and stress assessment, VedaPulse empowers individuals to take proactive measures to prevent health issues before they arise, fostering a proactive approach to long-term health management and wellness.

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At a Glance

Heart Rate Variability

Pulse Analysis

Stress Analysis

Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations

Preventive Health Management


Screening & Consultation – 60 minutes

Preparation Time

5 – 10 minutes

Functional biohacking with the VedaPulse device assesses over 50 potential pathological conditions in the body’s vital systems

  • the effectiveness of the detox systems of the body and the level of metabolic intermediates accumulation (“metabolic slags”)
  • the severity of autonomic dysfunction against the background
  • the level of systemic inflammatory response reflecting the activity of the inflammatory process in the body
  • the level of thyroid hormones and the severity of Low T3 Syndrome
  • the presence and severity of insulin resistance, as well as the dynamics of its regression with rational nutritional therapy
  • “tired adrenal gland syndrome” as a correlate of “chronic fatigue syndrome”
  • propensity to dyslipidemia and visual infographics of the dynamics of lipid spectrum recovery with nutritional support;
  • disorders in heme metabolism and the risk of iron deficiency
  • stratification of risks of calcium metabolism disorders
  • propensity to pharmacological, gambling and alcohol addiction
  • tendency to develop early cognitive impairment
  • activity of autoimmune reactions and others




Is VedaPulse suitable for everyone?2023-09-07T14:28:58+00:00

VedaPulse is generally suitable for adults seeking holistic health insights. However, individuals with certain medical conditions, pregnant women, and those with heart rhythm disorders should consult a healthcare professional before using VedaPulse.

Are the VedaPulse recommendations personalised?2023-09-07T14:28:48+00:00

Yes, VedaPulse provides personalised recommendations based on your health assessment. These recommendations may include dietary adjustments, lifestyle changes, herbal supplements, and relaxation techniques tailored to your individual health profile.

Can I use VedaPulse for diagnosing medical conditions?2024-02-22T14:31:02+00:00

VedaPulse is not intended for diagnosing medical conditions. It provides insights into your health and well-being but should not replace a professional medical diagnosis. Always consult a qualified healthcare provider for accurate medical assessments.

Can I track my progress over time using VedaPulse?2023-09-07T14:30:18+00:00

Yes, VedaPulse allows you to track your health progress by conducting regular assessments and comparing your reports over time. This helps you understand the effectiveness of the recommendations and lifestyle changes you’ve implemented.


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