Understanding the crucial importance of exercise and fitness

In the modern world, where technology and convenience often take centre stage, it is easy to overlook the fundamental importance of exercise and fitness plans in our lives. Beyond the pursuit of an attractive physique, there’s a profound depth to the role these factors play in our overall well-being.

Let us delve into the compelling reasons why exercise and fitness should be regarded as essential cornerstone of a fulfilling and healthy life.


Exercise and Fitness at Omnia London

Regular exercise benefits physical health by strengthening the heart, lungs, and bones, while also controlling weight and reducing the risk of diseases like Diabetes and Osteoporosis. It enhances mental clarity by releasing endorphins, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, and improving cognitive functions like memory and focus. It promotes longevity by extending lifespan and ensuring years of freedom from chronic illnesses and a better quality of life. Exercise serves as a natural stress reliever, offering relaxation and mindfulness to combat modern life’s demands. It also boosts self-esteem and body image, empowering individuals to feel strong and capable while fostering community and meaningful relationships.

Understanding fitness at Omnia

Welcome to Omnia, where we are dedicated to promoting exercise and fitness plans to help our clients achieve their health goals. We employ various approaches to support you on your fitness journey, ensuring a holistic and personalised experience.

Our cutting-edge technologies, including the InBody ® BWA 2.0 and STYKU ®, allow us to accurately assess your body measurements and composition. By understanding your body’s composition, we can establish realistic goals tailored to your unique needs. We believe in the power of motivational healing, which is why we provide regular updates on your body’s progress using data from tools like InBody ® and STYKU ®.

With Pixformance ®, we offer over 200 exercises to help you establish and maintain a consistent exercise routine. Whether you prefer strength training, cardio, or flexibility exercises, Pixformance ® provides diverse options to suit your preferences and fitness level. Additionally, our Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong sessions incorporate breathing techniques and gentle exercises to promote relaxation and overall well-being.

At Omnia, we are committed to supporting you every step of the way on your fitness journey.

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Exercise & Fitness Consultation

Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Tai Chi & Qigong

Pixformance ®

Harvard Exercises

InBody ® Body Composition Analysis

STYKU ® 3D Body Scanner



Consultation – 30 minutes

Therapeutic Yoga – 60 minutes

Therapeutic Tai Chi & Qigong – 60 minutes

Pixformance ® – 60 minutes

Harvard Exercises – 60 minutes

InBody® Body Composition Analysis – 15 minutes

STYKU® 3D Body Scanner – 15 minutes

The Patient Journey


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