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Great deep tissue massage (by Patrick) using a variety of techniques and tools to address my specific needs. I will be visiting again!

Ruby B., Treatwell

I am so happy that I was introduced to Omnia Lifestyle by a friend. I had a fantastic experience and was met by a very professional and friendly team with excellent customer service.

Azra A., Treatwell

Omnia is a hidden gem in the middle of busy Chiswick! From it’s warm welcome by friendly staff and care taken for all clients is excellent. My experience of the authentic Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage with Dr Laxmi was exceptional – came out feeling rejuvenated with no muscular aches! Thank you Omnia for a wonderful treatment.

Dinky D, Treatwell

I booked a deep tissue massage with Mr Patrick Chedmail and he was amazing! It’s probably one of the best deep tissue massage I’ve had in London and I’ll definitely return.

Kristina Ilijeva, Trustpilot

Dr Matina helped me get back into training after a long period of injury recovery, with regular sessions with the NovoThor. Very thankful be back to consistent training. Thanks Omnia!

Christian M., Treatwell

My first experience here and it was fabulous! A great facial, wonderful service and feeling completely refreshed. I love – and only use – natural treatments, so I’m glad I found this little haven. Thank you!

Emma Woods, Trustpilot

Thoroughly enjoyable experience from start to finish. The lady on reception was very friendly, and the doctor performing the treatment was clearly an expert. I felt a vast improvement in the days that followed – will definitely come again!!

Siria, Treatwell

Thanks to Omnia Lifestyle’s Acupuncture treatments, my decade-long battle with hay fever and rhinitis is over. With Dr Wu’s expertise, I no longer rely on medications or steroids. Grateful for a life without constant suffering!

Olive P, Google

I have done 10 sessions of red light therapy and lymphatic drainage. I am very impressed by the full explanation of the services and polite and attentive staff. I have visible results on my skin and feel better health wise so I will definitely recommend and return.

Katya C., Google

I found the body water analysis useful as it gave an insight on my health and how much weight I needed to lose.

Emmanuel M., Treatwell

Dr. Jialin’s acupuncture treatment was incredibly effective. Her expertise and gentle approach made the experience comfortable and relaxing. Highly recommend!

Luna, Treatwell

I was at end of my tether when I went to Omnia to start my series of pain relief treatment for my planta fascitis on my heel. Prof Wu started with acupuncture followed by relief of the swelling from my knee down. I got instant relief for about an hour. Although my swelling has reduced substantially, I do appreciate that relief of pain from planta fascitis can take weeks if not months. I intend to continue with the treatment and will have my next treatment later this week as I find Prof Wu an excellent therapist. I would thoroughly recommend Omnia. Staff are extremely helpful and pleasant.

Stuart H., Google

This is a hidden gem, the welcome is consistently second to none and the personalised ayurvedic therapies authentic and amongst the best I have had. I would particularly recommend the one-on-one yoga sessions with Dr Laxmi, learnt from her home in Kerala and with the benefit of generations of local handed down wisdom and knowledge; she has taught me helpful techniques I have not found in over 20 years of online/ local yoga classes. I also tried the body balancer for lymphatic drainage which was both relaxing and effective.

Rina P, Treatwell

“In the hands of a therapist, tension becomes a distant memory.” Dr Jialin at Omnia Lifestyle has what I would call Healing Hands.

Olive Paul, Treatwell

Good location with a clean facility. Patrick quickly picked up some inconsistencies on my right arm and did some very good work. Will be going again.
I suggest checking out the variety of treatments/options available with them.

Shahroz A, Google

I have booked for 10 sessions of red light therapy for my back pain. It was an incredible experience and I feel better after the treatment. Highly recommend!!! Thanks Omnia !!!

Pouya Karimi, Treatwell