Diet and Nutrition

Pavilion Healthcare

Omnia Lifestyle markets the Pavilion Healthcare range of products in support of our Ayurveda treatments. This range of authentic, natural and herbal health products are based on traditional Ayurveda and can help to supplement a holistic lifestyle in order to rebalance, revive and boost your health in everyday life.

Ayurvedic Herbal Teas

This range of delicious and rejuvenating herbal teas is made with the highest quality whole cut herbs, flowers and spices. Choose from a number of detoxifying natural flavours such as Chamomile & Ginger, Organic Chai Darjeeling and Lemon Balm & Sweet Orange.

Ayurvedic Oils

This range of delicately balanced organic oils comes from a wide range of natural sources including sesame, almond, coconut, and sunflower seeds. Essential for stress relief and relaxation, these oils have a nourishing and soothing effect on your mind, body and soul.

Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements

This range of supplements helps to restore wellness to the whole system by treating the underlying causes of imbalance while alleviating symptoms. Whether you are looking to improve your general health, combat the signs of ageing or help to get a good night’s sleep, these supplements can help you to treat the root of your problems.